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Stacy Renee is an artist based out of Wichita, KS; and has been active in the local arts community since 2008. Stacy lives with her husband and fellow artist, Alex, and their three cats. She grew up in Wichita but spent some time in south Florida where she developed her artistic vision and style.

While in Florida Stacy did several live performance pieces, creating paintings in front of audiences at hotel parties and clubs. Her first show was a group show in Miami's Wynwood art district, which was part of the international art festival Art Basel. In Wichita, Stacy continues to show and sell her work; she has exhibited at Rock Island Live, Melange Jewelry, City Arts, The Bomb Shelter, The Phoenix, The Go Away Garage, The Alibi Room, Bob Schwan Studios, artAID, Friends University, The Vagabond, Molino's Mexican Cuisine, the Workroom, Vertigo 232, Walnut St. Gallery, WSU Shiftspace, and Meads Corner. 

Stacy prefers to paint on wood or panel and employs acrylics, latex, and Sumi ink for their fast drying time and a vast array of colors.  She likes to work organically with the ebb and flow of mental ideas and emotion building up to a moment of expression. Often she focuses on one subject matter, tying colors and symbols together to add to the meaning and emotion the viewer will see in the painting. The message she brings to the world through her art is the beauty of the female form, portraying women as being strong, adding subtle meanings and symbols about current world issues, and whatever complexities lie within the creative process and the character that she creates.


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